online friendship

When you make an online friendship it’s easy to feel like you have a close connection very quickly. When you message all the time and open up about your feelings friendships can get very intense, and sometimes those friendships cross the line into an emotional affair. I never thought that I would cheat on my partner, and I would never physically cheat on him, but I found myself in a friendship that I didn’t even realize had crossed the line into an emotional affair. I didn’t even realize it was happening until a friend sat me down and told me some hard truths. I realized this after finding out the Emmy Awards nominations.  Exchanging A Lot Of Messages Each Day This[…]

canvas painting

Canvas Painting As an artist, I pride myself in my canvas painting abilities. Since most people aren’t familiar canvas painting, I will say that it’s not easy. This type of painting is usually performed on a linen or cotton canvas. A linen canvas is more expensive, but that is what professionals use for creating art. For a beginner or more casual artist, cotton is an affordable alternative. In the beginning you will be trying new techniques and will go through canvas quick. Prepare Your Painting If you have the time to do this, prepare your painting. You may want to do this on a weekend when you’ll have more time. Preparing it from home takes more time, but it also saves more[…]

Some children on social media are monitored with the Best Cell Phone Spy Apps.

Almost everyone seems to have a Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat account nowadays. If you spend a good amount of time on social media, then you have to take the good along with the bad. You see, social media isn’t all ice cream and butterflies. Any parent who uses one of the Best Cell Phone Spy Apps can tell you that. Social media has a lot of negative effects on people who spend a lot of time on it. Endlessly scrolling through your Instagram feed does more than just waste time. It also drastically reduces your attention span and your ability to focus on one thing for long periods of time. The Effects Of Social Media The Constant Stimuli Having a[…]