Thanks to modern shopping technology that has been embraced by big and small retailers you don’t need to brave the huge Black Friday crowds to shop for the perfect gifts this year. And you can still get great deals on the hottest holiday gifts. Many stores are starting to open on Thanksgiving Day but you can shop online around the clock without having to wait in the cold for your favorite store to open. Which these modern technology advancement holiday shopping has never been easier:

Upgraded Shipping

People are no longer willing to wait for packages and gifts. That’s why large retailers like Walmart, Amazon, and Target have partnered with all the major shipping companies to offer shipping upgrades and guarantees for free during the holiday season. With more efficient shipping the option to pay a flat rate and never pay for shipping again like with Amazon Prime you can do all your holiday shopping online and have all your gifts arrive at your door within days. In some large cities, you can get your items the same day you order them.

Amazon Echo

When you are shopping online for the highest demand gifts of the year time matters. If you take an extra minute to enter your credit card information you could lose out on the hottest toy of the season or the hottest game. But if you have an Amazon Echo all of your payment information is already stored and you can order any gift just by telling Alexa to order it. That kind of speed is what makes the difference between getting that hot toy or game or not getting it.

Curbside Pick Up

If you want to shop at your local stores but you don’t want to fight the angry holiday crowds you can shop online whenever it’s convenient and use curbside pick up to get your items without having to step foot in the store. Stay in your pajamas and shop. Pay online and then when you get a text or an email telling you that your order is ready you can stay in your PJs and roll up to the store. A customer service associate will scan your pick up the code from the store app on your phone and bring out your items and load them in your car. And there’s usually special reserved parking for those picking items up so that you don’t need to struggle to find a parking please either.

Better Customer Service

If you do have a problem with an order or if you want to want to ask a question about an item you will be able to chat with a live person on the phone or online thanks to improved customer service. Companies like Amazon are now using virtual reality training centers to teach people how to give better customer service from anywhere in the country. So you can talk to customer service agents around the clock who can help you with any issues that you’re having.
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