Top spy apps are only one kind of technology.

Amazon is always at the cutting edge, and they have pushed boundaries yet again by unveiling the Amazon Go store. The store has been in testing for the last year. I recently had the chance to try out the Amazon Go store, and I absolutely loved it. Some critics of the store say that the cashier-less store will take away jobs and that people don’t want to shop without any human interaction. Well, that might be the case for some people, but I thought it was great. I read about some top spy apps too, and they were just as interesting believe it or not.

Amazon Go

One day, I decided to give the Amazon Go store a shot since it’s not far from where my home is. I downloaded the app and put my timer on, and I headed right to the store. I scanned the app on my phone to unlock the door and get inside. The inside of the store was bright and cheerful and everything was laid out well. There were giant refrigerated cases holding a huge selection of drinks, sandwiches, salads and other prepared foods. There were people in the store, the people who were making the prepared foods, so it wasn’t totally barren.

The Food

The prepared food selections were great. I’m not a vegan, but there were a lot of tasty looking vegan options as well as food for meat eaters. The salads looked really fresh, and there was a nice drink selection as well as coffee and tea. I grabbed a drink and a sandwich, along with a mixed fruit salad. And I just walked out the door with them. I felt like they must be using one of the top spy apps to make sure we didn’t steal.

Fresh food is important just like top spy apps.
The shelves at an Amazon Go store.

It felt very strange to just leave with my items. We’re so used to the traditional way of shopping where you have to go through a line, get your items scanned and pay that it felt like I was stealing as I walked back out the door. I checked my app when I got back to my house, and the cost of everything I took was deducted from the Amazon payment method I have designated on the Amazon site.

The food was delicious, and it was a very unique experience. Critics can complain or love everything about Amazon Go, but I loved it. I’ll be honest, not as easy as the services delivered by top spy apps, but easy enough. If you actually get the chance to experience shopping at one, I highly recommend it. I may be making it a regular stop, but until then, I’ll just enjoy some social media focus.